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Katuo Soy Sauce


Tsuyu is famous for having a deep and light stock taste. It is made from tuna extracts, dashima and mixtures of shiitake vegetables. You can enjoy the deep and strong taste and flavor of katsuobushi without have to make dashi from stock.

Product manufacturing process

katsuobushi soy sauce made product manufacturing process

Product specifications and equipment

Chamchi Jinguk 180g, 305ml, 900ml

Product specifications and equipment
Equipment name Features
Extraction tank Minimize loss of taste and flavor
Flavoring tank Minimize loss of taste and flavor
Superior in making uniform taste
Stuffer Stuff sanitarily



For various soups

Don't need to make dashi. Just use it when you season soups. You can easily make the deep taste and flavor without any special know-how.

Stock for noodles

Make stock by diluting Chamchi Jinguk with 10 times of boiling water. Add green onions if you like. Add noodles (boiled and drained) into stock and enjoy it.

It adds savor to food if you use it for seasoned seasoned vegetable and stir fry so you can make delicious food.